Terms & conditions of participation

Lanikai Ukulele Artist Of The Year 2019

By posting the video link beneath the post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LanikaiUkes/photos/a.10150117356237038/10155858692212038/, you agree to the following terms.

This is the requirement for your participation in "LANIKAI Ukulele Artist Of The Year!"

Details of my person

I agree that the video will be shown on the Lanikai website with the details listed on Facebook as the name and profile picture. I assure that I have reached the age of 18 or have the consent of my legal guardian to participate. I assure you to be a resident of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg.

Participation video

I assure that I only participate with one entry in the competition and do not send any further videos. I agree that if my video does not hit the subject, it will exclude me, show offensive (e. g., pornographic) content, or violate someone else's rights. The song must be uploaded as a video file on YouTube or directly in the event. The video file can consist of a permanent image or changing subjects, or of moving images. The audio quality of the recording is not decisive for the participation, but for example game quality, dynamics, interpretation and entertainment value.

Video rights

I assure that I have all rights to the submitted video, in particular even the photographer or have received the unrestricted rights of use of the author of this. I give MUSIK MEYER GmbH my consent to distribute and publish the submitted video, in particular for the purpose of advertising Lanikai products and on the Lanikai website, and that MUSIK MEYER GmbH may also make the video available to others. I also assure that I will not charge for the video and my consent now and in the future.

The prize

I agree that there is no legal claim to the award of a prize or compensation for my performance, in particular, that the jury selects videos for prizes without legal recourse.

I have taken note that voting for the online voting starts on 14.03.2019 at 11:00 (CEST) and ends on 28.06.2019 at 11:00 (CET).

The jury prize, a beach cruiser of the Electra brand, will be won by the person selected by the jury from the top 10 of the online voting.

If more than 10 persons in the first ten places with the same number of votes, the jury reserves the right to initiate another voting in order to determine the top 10 with 10 persons. Other employees of Musik Meyer Distribution & Marketing Group and their dependents may not participate.

The legal process is excluded.

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